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I am always looking for new features and improvements to add to Artist Website as technology and standards change. These are done by myself or by outside developers. To keep this tailored to your needs, you can help decide which improvements, upgrades, or features get made first.

Under the current top suggestions, use the comment box to nominate new features or fixes, or vote existing items up or down.

Current Voting

• The ability to change the font size of your name (not just replace it with a logo)

• The ability to change fonts across a website (not just in posts or pages)

• Responsive designs for left-column themes

• Shopping cart (built in, external, low fee, stable)

• Various theme bugs and improvements (Prev/Next, default menu selection, default image sizes)

• A black version of the “Picabia” theme

• Making the dashboard buttons more simple to start using

• Make ‘custom menus‘ optional. Reorder pages with drag and drop – latter done

• Facebook integration

• Less clunky/more streamlined SEO functionality

• An easier way to add your own domain name

• Video tutorials rather than image/text (1 of 20 done)


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• ‘Lightbox’ effects for opening artist’s images – done

• Easy site-wide thumbnail resizing (useful when changing themes) – done

• Easy website statistics – done

• A black version of the Matisse Theme – done

• ‘Previous’ and ‘Next’ closer to images on Kippenberger – done

• A black version of the Munch Theme – done

• Ability to link thumbnails to external links or other pages – done

• Improved responsive themes for top menu sites – done

• Custom CSS box – done

• Website statistics – done

• A quick way to alter thumbnail size when changing themes – done

• Ability to customize your ‘meta description‘ data and hence Google results – done