Less is more.

    I hope the tutorials below help… WordPress has probably the largest collection of online tutorials written by ordinary users of any subject – just Google “WordPress”, plus what you want to do.

    If you have a question that is not answered here, please leave the details in a comment. That way I can help anyone else who might come looking for it too.

    Basic Writing Tutorial

    Basic writing tutorial, including adding linksCVs, biography images, and formatting text. Also how to add videos into your pages. This tutorial also tells you how to add items to your menus (if you have an ‘Advanced Menu’).

    Traffic and Social Media

    A basic introduction to these important topics for an artist today. Includes info on SEO (Search Engine Optimization, or ‘being nice to Google’), some options if you want to set up your own artist newsletter, facebook, twitter, and just general career success.

    Fixing Up Mistakes (Plus, Backing Up)

    Don’t lose your work! A very important tutorial for all artists.

    Manipulating Images (Including Shopping Carts)

    This is for most of your artwork, in your website galleries. There are three different tutorials – if you do not know which “Plugin” your particular site uses, contact me and I’ll tell you which of these tutorials is for you:

    “NextGen Gallery” (The most widely used one. Mainly in sites built after September, 2011.)

    • “Portfolio Slideshow” (An earlier system. Mainly for sites built before October, 2011.)

    “WP-SimpleViewer” (A rarer, flash-like plugin.)


    Gmail (Multiple Email Addresses Pro)

    Learn how to use Gmail to send and receive “as” your ideal email address(es), via a video tutorial.