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We love seeing artists surprised at how easy it all is! Here are some recent reports and emails.

Artist Website made it possible for me to have the simple sophisticated website I had in mind for my work. The process of constructing it went seamlessly. The price was very reasonable compared to other companies I was exploring for set up. The designer responded to all of my questions and concerns efficiently, generously, and in a friendly way. He was able to figure out the “how to” behind my ideas and offered his own ideas in return. I look forward to a long working relationship with the designer when questions come up and to improve upon the existing website. I have absolutely no regrets about choosing Artist Website.

Megan H, United States


While looking for a new website to feature my photography, I came across ‘Artist Website’. The price was right with free hosting for a year and it featured clean, simple designs that focused on the artwork, exactly what I was looking for. I must say that dealing with the designer was absolutely terrific. He created the site exactly as I wanted and if I did require any changes, they were immediately addressed. I am totally thrilled with the final product as well as the designer’s professionalism.

James Wiley, Canada


Finding Artist Website after searching for some time to find a gallery style website with the clean elegant look that I required was a great find. Working with the designer was a pleasure since we shared the same aesthetic as well as providing an easy going and yet very professional working relationship with elegant results. I will continue to use their services for any future website requirements.

Gary Singer, United States


As an artist with no skills in website design (and limited patience and confidence to learn to use a do-it-yourself site) I was delighted to be shown Artist Website by another artist. The process of setting it all up has been painless, with the designer promptly and efficiently responding to every request and question I sent him. The resulting website is exactly what I want, and at a fraction of the cost other design houses are charging. I strongly recommend this option to every artist who would rather be spending time making art, but still wants to have a great looking presence on the internet.

Clyth Hoult, Australia


I had a great experience working with Artist Website building my site. I several special requirements, and the designer was very responsive to my needs. He were always eager to listen to my ideas and yet ever ready to bring his own creativity and experience to bear on the project.  I couldn’t be happier with the results.  I recommend it highly.

Philip Sixking, United States


Working with Andy has been a great experience.

I spent months researching the different website services. The template-based on-line services were OK, but I never felt confident about committing to their designs; the templates never quite fit and most of their examples were cold and uninteresting, geared toward much more commercial enterprises. The examples at Artist Websites were elegant, clean, and much more human and real.

The list of artist sites referenced at Artist Websites gave me inspiration, but more than that, the confidence to design my own site working with Andy, rather than trying to fit into a template. It made a difference to be communicating with an individual and one who was both responsive to my ideas and willing to offer his own suggestions from the experience of working with many artists. He was able to guide the process effectively by exchange of emails and at the end by a chat session that allowed me to take control of the site and feel confident I could manage it.

It made sense to me right from the start to put more investment at the front end, to get the site working with complete support, then maintain it at a lower yearly cost, still having the same individual to guide any modifications that would naturally come up on the basis of experience.

Rix Jennings, United States


“I love it! Thank you for making every single change. Having this beautiful, simple, professional looking website is going to be a huge help to me and I thank you for all of your expertise and friendly help. And thank you for your generosity in making it affordable. I checked out the counter – very cool! Thanks again – it’s very exciting!”

Heather Lenz, United States


We needed a simple, image based website that was easy to update, without looking homemade. The staff at Artist Website have delivered so much more than we were expecting, and the feedback from customers has been fantastic! The build was quick and any new requests we had along the way (no matter how obscure) were handled quickly and professionally.

The all in one hosting solution solved another headache for me, allowing me time to focus on making the work to display!!

Highly recommend.

Justin Hermes, Australia


If you’d like me to give a testimonial, I’d be happy to do that. You’ve been wonderful to work with, and the website you (and I) have created together  is just fabulous, something I can really be proud of. Thank you.

Mari, United States


Fantastic job, thank you! I’m impressed. The site looks great… Working with you has been wonderful: you were so attentive to every detail, to everything I asked, and I know I asked for quite a bit. At first look, I can’t even find any errors. Amazing!

I paid you through PayPal and hope you get it fast. You deserve every cent of it.

My turn to say: ‘Bestest’!

Chantal, United States


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