Less is more.
    These are answers to some of our more common questions. We can be flexible if you have unique needs, but please discuss them before we begin work. If it is not mentioned here, simply ask about it in an email.
    • You of course own all copyright of your original material (your artworks, texts, titles, etc). We may sometimes reproduce a small thumbnail (not more than 500 pixels wide), showing a page from your website, for occasional Featured Websites section (or Testimonials), as well as a link. This thumbnail will not be reproduced on any other sites by us, nor will it be large enough for your work to be easily reproduced. Some artists have asked for their site to be one of these ‘Featured Websites’, as this section brings a large amount of traffic. Unfortunately, we can only ever show a small selection of websites on these pages.
    • If we buy or look after your domain name, please note that, whilst we will do our best to keep your domain name and information as safe as we do our own, we cannot offer any guarantees. If you would like greater security than this, ask for your name to be renewed for multiple years (5 – 10 years), or look after your domain name yourself, which is easy to do. We don’t look after domain names for a profit – registering and looking after them is usually a service to help customers who might find this part challenging.
    • We cannot host any illegal material on our servers, including file sharing. If in doubt, speak to us about this.
    • You may notice small changes to your original site, as rare bugs or browser changes require us to fine tune your template. These might include slightly optimized mobile layouts, legibility improvements, and the like.
    • You have the right to use your own site indefinitely, however the designs and templates are copyright, and may not be re-sold to third parties.
    • Prices are in US Dollars, unless mentioned, and for security and convenience our preferred payment method is PayPal (we cover PayPal’s fees). PayPal also lets you use all major credit cards, you don’t need a PayPal balance. We are open to other payment methods by negotiation, however you are responsible for any additional fees that may occur. Please note that checks and bank transfers may create delays while funds clear.
    • We use our own hosting for all our websites. This works for us and artists as it guarantees hosting quality, makes sure that all the necessary software is included, gets the best deal and simplifies things for artists, and enables us to keep building costs down. It also enables us to give an ongoing overview and support for artists. We do not transfer websites to external hosts, or build websites on separate hosting accounts.
    • We use the most reliable cloud hosting, with the highest possible security and passwords. We will always do our best to keep yours secure. As hosting is external, we cannot guarantee the hosting in all circumstances, so please maintain your own backups (see the relevant tutorial), and keep a local (home) copy of all your texts and images (art images should be kept in a non-degrading format like .tif anyway).
    • If you are having content uploaded for you, all images and other files must be sent web-ready, in the file names and format you would like it to appear on your site. If you would like links, images, or other files to work in more ‘complex’ ways than embedded simply in your site, or appear in ways beyond our usual gallery software, or if your images need editing or Photoshopping, this can be quoted for and arranged as an extra. Again, please speak to us about any such requests.
    • We aim to complete all custom sites within a month of payment of a deposit. A draft review is usually sent to the artist around week three, which leaves a week for changes and for any handover questions. Please note – these are estimates only, and can be pushed out if there are a lot of emails or other unforeseen changes. (‘Budget’ sites can often be completed much more quickly).
    • Please try to be sure of your design aspects before we start custom work (fonts, colors, sizes, layout, etc). If you are unsure about picturing your site beforehand, we advise you to stick closely to an existing website’s design, or else experiment on a program like Photoshop (or cutting and pasting screenshots of other websites, by hand if necessary). Unusual details, or any variation to the type of website in our portfolio should be discussed before work begins.
    • As we build your custom site, and once your site is finished, we will do a reasonable amount of fine tuning and changes. If you change your mind about your choices, we can change things to a small extent. Please note, multiple or significant changes, or numerous email queries may need to be charged at our hourly rate.
    • We keep a large database of around 600 fonts, and are likely to have one to suit your custom needs. If you require a specific font, we follow the usual design conventions surrounding billing. If we are likely to use it in the next 1-2 years we will purchase the font ourselves and retain the license. If we are not, the client pays for the font and retains the font files (we delete the files after we are finished). Please note we can only usually purchase a maximum of two fonts per client this way (bold, italic, etc), so it is most helpful if you consider your needs in advance.
    Any other questions? We hope to treat all our customers as friends first, and always try to take care of any concerns promptly. Our aim is to be the best solution online for professional artists. Leave us an email if you feel there is anything else you wish to discuss relative to your situation.