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Terms and Conditions


Your data, including email addresses, will be used for the running of your services, Artist Website/Pagetopia communications, or Artist Website/Pagetopia normal functioning, and will the not be sold to any third party. If you would like your data removed at any time, simply send us an email.



Typically customers will use our free hosting period, which is useful to test, view and learn how to use websites. Before or after this period you may decide to use separate third party hosting, at your cost. After any free hosting period (3, 6 or 12 months) websites will be hosted and invoices prepared for the customer. Moving websites as a service will typically be charged at no more than our normal hourly rate. Please note that some services (eg. cpanel, software licences and backups) may not be available on third party hosting – the speed and suitability of unknown hosting packages cannot be guaranteed.



We recommend customers renew their domain names from a reputable company (such as Godaddy), set to auto-renew, with their main credit card on file, for a period of 2-5 years. We are sometimes able to register and renew domain names for use on websites we work on, but can accept no liability for this service.



We use top quality hosting, where backups and website security are a top priority. We will recommend the same backup and security procedures we ourselves use. Website content can be downloaded from your dashboard, and you can request a full .zip file of your website, should you wish to store it at home. Website passwords should be strong and changed often, trusted plugins and WordPress regularly updated. In case of a major security failure, we are available to attempt returning websites to their last backup state, at our normal hourly rate. Ultimately, website security and backups are the responsibility of the website owner.



Our hosting is more than sufficient for 99% of customers, where videos are hosted on an external provider (YouTube, Vimeo), and backups are kept off site. If your website uses an unusually high level of storage or resources, we will give you some tips about removing unused or unnecessary files, and/or the opportunity to upgrade your hosting package. Needless to say, your hosting should not be used for illegal activity, bullying, file-sharing, hate speech, bots, or other unusual or unrelated services.