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Success for Artists

This course shares with you all the tricks artists use to reach their career goals.

Need online sales? Gallery representation? More exhibitions? Simple, actionable steps to achieve these.

** Follow proper format – blurb, CTA, testimonials, logos etc eg Digital marketing site format **

Divided into categories, our tips are written in jargon free language, and constantly updated. 

Written by people who work in art museums, private galleries, art magazines, on social media and in search engine optimization. Includes resources, templates, and real-world examples from those who have succeeded. 

Rewrite with benefits, not features.

Featured Content

Visitors and Traffic

  • Finding the right type of traffic for your career goals
  • Getting the right volume
  • Social media success
  • Google Success (SEO)
  • Converting people into regular viewers
  • Tracking visitors
  • Converting visitors


Making Online Sales

The dream of making a living off your art online used to be more often just that - a dream. Fortunately, things have changed, and it's more common than ever. We show you tips, tricks, and guidelines for making this possible, as well as introducing you to some successful case studies you can copy. 


Getting a Private Gallery

Partnering with a private gallery (or four) is still the most reliable way to reach the highest career goals. It is also a process that is shrouded in mystery and rumour. This guide replaces that with some smart, basic principles you can apply. We have also surveyed a large amount of artists to reveal how they joined their galleries.   


Writing Artist Statements

An artist statement - along with your images, CV, online presence, books and bio - is your passport into the art world.

Many people hate the process of writing an artist statement, but a few tips can help it become an easier - even useful and enjoyable - process.


Reducing Time and Money Worries

Time and money - the two biggest concerns for most artists. Instead of just worrying about it, here are some tips to making it less of an issue. While you may not be able to make more time, there are ways to organise things so money worries take up less of your brain, and you can spend many more hours in the studio.


Earning Passive Income

Besides art sales, and art jobs (mentioned in previous guides), passive income is an ideal income source for artists. While true "passive income" is rare, some types of income sources can leave most of your week free. In this guide we go through some of the options, and how to get started with them.


Prizes, Residencies and Grants

The fast lane - prizes, residencies and grants can sometimes be the fastest way from Point A to Point B. However, it is very easy to not know what is available, or feel like you are always on the outside, looking in.

This is our collection of prize, residency and grant tips, that we really should keep for ourselves.


New Countries and Travel

One of the dirty secrets of the art world is that where you do something is often more important than what you do. You could work for eighty years in one city, and reach a tenth of your potential as in another.

This guide talks about cities, visas, travel, and making the right connections - wherever you currently are.


Your Unique Artistic Style

Ask a successful artist what the essential ingredient is, and along with luck, money or gender, you'll often hear the same thing - it's all about the work.

How do you make your best work - and what are the essentials for a practice to have the best chance of success?


Setting Up a Newsletter

For a while considered "old technology", email newsletters have come back, as one of the most reliable way to connect with your collectors and supporters. This guide shows you how to set them up, and use them to achieve success. 


Website Basics and FAQs

A place for quick questions, perhaps not covered elsewhere. If you have a question about running a website, it should be here.

We also have answers for membership questions, and about ordering services that can help with any of the above. 


Corrections, Requests and Suggestions

Here you can correct anything in a guide, make a request for any guide to be expanded, or to request whole new guides. 

Simply drop us a note and we'll add it to our list. 




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Artist, New York, Watercolor

Lorem Ipsum John Jones

Artist, New York, Watercolor

Lorem Ipsum John Jones

Artist, New York, Watercolor

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