Less is more.

    If you recommend Artist Website to anyone, and they or you mention it around the time they order, we offer you 10% of our initial website design price as a thank you. 10% of a design fee alone can earn you $400 for a single top end customer! Hosting, email and any subsequent fees are not included.

    You can keep this fee yourself, offer your friend a website at 10% off, or split the fee with you and your friend (we can offer your friend an equivalent discount without saying why, if you want to keep this to yourself).

    We pay your fee to you through a Paypal account, so you need to set one of those up if you earn a commission (free). Otherwise, you might choose to use it towards future hosting or extra design features.

    Some of our more proactive fans earn a regular income stream through this system, whilst being a great way to help artists get a great site.