Artist’s Websites

Any style, any size, any functionality. If you have seen it, or can think about it – we can build it for you.

If you don’t know what you want, let us start, and you can suggest changes.

Or, ask us for example sites we have built that match your taste.

We have a number of ways any artist can get great, affordable websites – see below.

Hosting & Addresses

Artists belong in the studio. Just tell us your preferred web or email addresses (eg. and let us take care of all the technical details.

All you will need to do is log in and start using your easy to use website.

We supply artists with top-tier hosting, with regular backups and great malware protection, at around half the cost of any other provider. 

Stores & Changes

Once you have your finished website, you might want a new colour scheme, some part redesigned, or to add a shopping cart or blog.

Even though it’s easy to do yourself, you might also want us to do it, or to outsource the updating of your words or images.

No problem! Just send us an email and we will do it for you, at an affordable rate – see below.


We’re happy to provide a full website at our quoted price. Or to work via an hourly rate – whichever you prefer.

Depending upon the project, an hourly rate sometimes works out cheaper. The single rate is a lot simpler, and contains unlimited revisions.


A Pixel Perfect Website

Includes setting up of hosting, forwarding your web address, unlimited design discussions, revisions, pages and content. We upload the usually required amount of content (you can add more later, via any web browser). We also show you how to use your website 

Website Templates

Get one of our example websites, which we give minor typographic alterations for originality. Great if you need less design customizing, but the same quality, technical support, unlimited pages and content uploading

Or, via an Hourly Rate

Includes any modifications, up to a full new website, or any technical assistance, and comes with regular itemised time sheets. Some prefer this method, as it covers what are usually expensive services at a very affordable artist’s rate


 $579 | 499€

$289 (249€)

$42/hr | 36€/hr

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