Getting your perfect artist website is easy! We can build you a dream site from things you’ve seen that you like. Or, if you’re flexible, be set up with a professional template at the fraction of a cost.

Simply email me to say hi – we like to chat through artists’ ideas, obligation-free. We can help with everything artists need to get online. Click on any thumbnail to see some of our previous websites for a feel of what we like to do.


Francis Picabia Gary Singer
Our most popular theme is an elegant balance of text, images and white space. Thumbnails are automatically generated, and it comes with easy blogging capabilities, for optional studio updates. With personal tweaks this theme has been chosen by many leading artists. A stylish cover page, and attention to detail makes this an elegant variation on the first site, with four rectangular thumbnails instead of five square ones, and different fonts and image handling.
kippenberger Matisse
Kippenberger Matisse
Our most popular starting point for websites in 2014! This is an example site that has been used by many artists. It is available in a striking black, or else in an elegant white and gray. A sample again for another popular design for 2014. Bold, punchy images in a very flexible top menu website. If you hover over Paper Works you can see what an optional “dropdown menu” looks like, and if you open Paper Works and click on an image, you can see an optional “lightbox” effect (all the other images in the other category have their own pages).
O’Keeffe Rix Jennings
This is a name of a website we have made for a few artists. It gives a very professional look to an artist’s work – whilst having a touch of personality and design sense. The background, horizontal bars, and menu items are all available in any color, of course. A PayPal shopping cart for selling artworks, an inline blog, and easy, drag and drop thumbnail placement makes this site a powerful portfolio and gallery in one. The choice of black is striking, however it is easily swapped for a white version.
Andy Best Mari Houghton
A top menu design, with image thumbnails arranged with a ‘drag and drop’ system – each opening up to a separate page for the viewer. Combined with a cover page this makes for an elegant professional solution. An elegant, classical site design, with a unique green background, cover page, and thumbnails to the side of the image. Notice how the large image smoothly changes when the mouse hovers over a smaller image. This website uses flash technology, but unlike other websites, you can update the images yourself online, without outside software.
Philip Sixking Sally-Ann Rowland 
We were able to create a version of the artist’s previous, Flash-based website (which required a web designer to edit or change), and create an elegant, single column site that was easy for the artist to update himself. Note the smooth, time delay slideshow on the home page, easily added to or reordered. There is also a striking use of full sized images throughout to suit the large format paintings. Talking with the artist about her work led to her suggesting this bold, dusky pink background. With her choice of large format images over thumbnails it makes for a classic looking, and yet highly original, website.
marcin kobylecki
Marcin Kobylecki Michael Muir
Our sites use a slideshow that is easy to add new images to, and visitors can cycle through by clicking on the image itself, by ‘Prev’ ‘Next’ text, or by elegant navigation arrows. Click on the above screen shot to see this used to good effect. A full screen and fully resizable cover page, a drop down work menu (arranged by exhibition title), and a colour scheme subtly influenced by the artist’s own paintings makes for a very stylish, contemporary site. (If you look very closely below the painting in this image you might see the ‘edit’ button – which is only viewable whilst you are logged in, for easy editing of your content.)
Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 7.26.29 PM
Morgan Allender Ross Manning
Elegant variations on our most popular themes led to this website that shows Allender’s beautiful large format paintings to great effect. New, flexible background options lets you add full screen YouTube clips, images, or plain colors of your choice to every page individually!
Dorothy Josey Peta Clancy
Another version of our most popular layout. You can have thumbnails appear below your images if you prefer – in a grid, as in here, or in one line – with arrows to scroll across between them (not shown). This artist went with some bold options, such as small thumbnails arranged in a grid, which really adds a unique branding to her site. Her seamless, online blog is also very effective.
Scott Glaser Kerwayne Berry
We were able to reproduce this artist’s complex site, which he designed in Photoshop, pixel perfect into an online site, that the artist can easily update and change himself. One of our favorite recent sites, this painter’s portfolio looks as substantial as the websites of the galleries who might be looking to include her work.
Professional Sites and Blogs: Yarn PR Sites for Craftspeople and Small Businesses: Oak and Elm
Increasingly artists and businesses are adding blogs to their sites – either seamlessly into their websites, or as a separate site, linked to on their main website. This can be a way to keep updates about what is happening in the studio, show press or exhibition shots, or offer works for sale separate from their main promotional site. Artist Website can also do great websites for craftspeople, small businesses, and galleries – often for the same low prices! Send us an email with what you’re after for more information.-


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