If you have any questions, just message us! The answer is yes to all of these:


Q: It sounds amazing! (What’s the catch?)

A: It is amazing! We tried to think what an artist’s dream website would be. Our aim is to keep a limited number of artists very happy. The catch is this is just available to those who join up for our limited places.


Q: Is it easy to use, even if I don’t have any technical ability?

A: Yes! This is our main focus (as well as professional design). If you can use email, you can update your website. No previous web experience is necessary. We’re so confident you will find it enjoyable we offer a 100% money back guarantee.


Q: Does it normally come hosted for me, and is it reliable?

A: Yes! The best, guaranteed 99.9% uptime hosting is used  (which is the industry maximum), all on 100% renewable energy.


Q: Can I use your websites if I already have hosting, or an existing plan somewhere?

A: Yes! We want to be the best solution for artists. If you already have hosting elsewhere, keep it going, and get free credit with us for any time you have already spent.


Q: Is it really competitive hosting?

A: Yes. The hosting plans are based on what other designers charge, just on top of the thousands of designing a website. The difference is, we throw in beautifully designed websites for free!


Q: Can I have as many pages or image galleries as I like?

A: Yes!


Q: Can I use my site even without special image sizing software?

A: Yes. Your images only need to be close enough. Drop them into the screen, and they will be resized automatically – into small, medium and large versions. Just the right image size will be displayed across your website.


Q: Can I add my own domain name to my website?

A: Yes! (In fact, a real person takes care of all the technical details for you.)


Q: Can I embed YouTube or Vimeo videos?

A: Yes. Just copy in the simple codes YouTube provides. We have special video guides to help.


Q: Can I have someone else do my changes or uploading if I prefer?

A: Yes! Anything can be outsourced or changed, for a very low rate, should you prefer this.


Q: Is there real person help in case I need it?

A: Yes! Just email. It will go straight to your designer’s cell, and they will answer pronto.


Q: Can I import, export, or cancel my website any time?

A: Yes, any time, with just a click.


Q: If my theme has a blog, and I don’t want a blog, can I hide it?

A: Yes!


Q: Do I have access to all your themes? Is it easy to change?

A: Yes! It only takes a few clicks (see above)


Q: Are you adding new themes, and making new version of old ones?

A: Yes, about every week. Your website never need look out of date (even if fashions or your ideas change).


Q: Can I log in and update my website from any internet connection?

A: Yes! No special software is required. Built on the popular WordPress CMS, you can update your website from anywhere.



Q: Can I customize my thumbnail size, number of columns, background colors, large image sizes, etc?

A: Yes! All this and more.


Q: I want to insert my own logo using my handwriting, or a special font, where my name is. Can I do that?

A: Yes! Just click ‘upload’ and it’s done!


Q: Will my site look good on iPads, large desktops, smartphones, different browsers and laptops?

A: Yes! There is a flexible design on all themes, so it looks good on a range of different sized screens.


Q: I want my first page to be a large image, or just my name, or a page of thumbnails, or something else. Is this possible?

A: Yes, you can start with anything you can think of. Just select the page you want visitors to start with in your options.


Q: Are the menu items easy to change?

A: Of course – just drag and drop your order, include spaces or add sub pages, or link to outside websites, all with an easy interface.


Q: Will I do well in Google?

A: Yes, there is excellent built in Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. Plus we provide up to date guides on SEO, social media and networking for artists.


Q: Are there any discounts for members?

A: Yes, any second website you might want (say for a business, a family blog, gallery, non-profit, or anything else) is half price. We have a range of equally nice websites, for other uses besides art.


Q: Can I make money by recommending your services?

A: Definitely. We offer an industry high 50% of the first year’s signups. This could be $100 cash for telling a friend (or class) about your discovery!


Q: Are there plenty of tutorials if I want to read written information?

A: Yes – there are plenty of detailed, easy illustrated tutorials on how to use your site. Plus! Up to date ones on social media, newsletters, gaining visitors, and success as an artist. Our writers have professional experience in leading international art fairs, galleries and biennials.


Plus many more features being added all the time, that you will instantly get access to.

If you would like to know more you can email us, or get started below for a risk-free try:


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