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    Simpleviewer is a Flash-like image plugin, that allows a great deal of flexibility on how thumbnails and images are presented. It is not the easiest of our plugins for novices to make changes to the look of a page, or to add completely new galleries, which is why we usually dissuade beginners, and only use it if a client is really not happy with either of the two main plugins we recommend.

    Basic image adding, deleting, and reordering, however, is relatively easy to do. In many ways it follows the same basic function as the Portfolio Slideshow plugin, the easiest of our recommended plugins.

    See Portfolio Slideshow Tutorial

    (It is important not to follow every step above – reading it through might just give you a sense of how the images reside in the WordPress system and how it applies to artists.)

    Far better than anything we can provide is the WP-SimpleViewer support (and Googling questions, of course, with ‘WP-Simpleviewer’ in your question). The WP-SimpleViewer¬†regularly update their material, and have a larger group of individuals who discuss the plugin’s use.

    View the plugin documentation here.

    We are merely paraphrasing the above information (below), but to get started use the following:

    To Add, Reorder, or to Delete an Image from an Existing Page

    • Edit the post or page that contains the gallery you want to change or add to.
    • Click the ‘Add Media’ button. Click the ‘Gallery’ tab to view – clicking ‘Show’ to see more options for each image. Delete or re-order the images there (each image is numbered and changing the number reorders the images). Click ‘From Computer’ to add new images.
    • Click ‘Save all Changes’ on the gallery tab, then close the Image pop-up and click ‘Update’ on the post to rebuild the new gallery. Clear your browser cache to see the updated gallery.

    One other trick that is worth mentioning – a new line break can be added to your caption by copying and pasting in <br /> where you want the line break to appear – it will ‘force’ a line break that you can use in your layout.

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