Leger – an Indexhibit-Style WordPress Theme


indexhibit wordpress theme

We have long loved the look of Indexhibit, for an almost default, ‘not even there’ look. However, it can admittedly be daunting to install and get started with – even for folks that are used to installing things online.

Our Leger theme continues the original tradition of default blue links (no styling), and ubiquitous left column design. However it also takes advantage of WordPress’ unparalleled ability to easily add and resize images, or fancy elements, bringing speed as well as minimalism for busy creative types.

Already hosted, and ready to go, Leger is as easy as it could be to get up and running. Images and thumbnails can be displayed in any of the ways in our other themes. It comes along with all the rest of our great minimalist artist websites, for less than a cup of coffee a week.

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