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Indexhibit WordPress Theme

 We love the look of Indexhibit – an almost default, ‘not even there’ look.

However, Indexhibit can be daunting to install. You also miss out on all the great plugins that are available with WordPress (SEO plugins, online stores, Web statistics, great galleries, etc).

So, we made an Indexhibit-style WordPress theme – called Leger – to have the best of both worlds.

The theme continues the original tradition of blue links to start (customize however you like), and ubiquitous left column design. It also takes advantage of WordPress’ unparalleled ability to easily add and resize images. We think it’s the perfect balance of speed and minimalism for busy, creative types.

We’ve found most people want cheap, reliable hosting with this themes – plug and play is the name of the game. So, we’re giving our Indexhibit WordPress Theme away free, with any of our super great hosting plans. Your site will be ready for you, just add images and text. Just sign up and send us a message that you’d like this theme added for you.

Images and thumbnails can be displayed in any of the ways in our other themes. Just the most “Indexhibit-y” option is shown to the right, but anything is possible.

Indexhibit WordPress Theme

If you need a non-hosted version, let us know in the Contact Form.