Less is more.

    This is one of the most common task we are asked. Many artists will have Photoshop already on their computer, or can get a hold of a copy easily. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to resize (make smaller) a really large (say, 5MB, 10MB, 50MB or even 100MB) image into a much smaller one (under 500KB).

    This final image will be about two hundred times smaller – yet Photoshop will be able to resize it so it still looks great on your Artist Website.

    1. Open Your Image in Photoshop

    I will assume you know how to find an image on your computer, and open it up in Photoshop. For this example I will use a 67MB photograph, which is large enough to print as a gallery quality photograph – printed four or five feet wide – and still get it down to a size suitable for emailing to galleries or for your website.

    2. Change the Image Size Settings

    Go to Image > Image Size. You will see a pop up that looks something like this:
    You will see the pixel height is really large (here it is 3980 pixels high). We only want something around 495 pixels high. So click in that box and replace it with the number 495. It should look like this:
    Click “OK“.

    3. Save For Web

    The image is now the height and width you want it. Now you want to save it so it looks as good as possible on the web. Go to File > Save For Web

    You will see your image on screen, with the following box to the right. If you leave it as is (with everything set to full quality) you will probably only have to click “Save“.
    Don’t forget to name your image according to our specifications on our Getting Started fact sheet. It is the best way to get picked up in Google, as well as easily having your images found on your own and others’ computers.There you are! Our 67MB (approx 67,000 KB) image is now only 328 KB, looks great, and is suitable to email to anyone, and to post online.

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