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The Best Hosting for All Types of Artists

Some artists just need low prices. Others want the maximum time in their studios.

We’ve created a wide spectrum of hosting plans to suit every priority

Worry-free – 50 Days Money Back

Bare Bones


For those who price is the major concern. You’re responsible for security, updates & fixing problems. But it’s also the cheapest hosting anywhere. Full details below.

Do It Yourself


We give you the instructions to update & manage the same top quality hosting as our full plan. Suited to those with some time & technical knowledge. Details below.

Full Cover


Do more of what you love. Your site is monitored & updated for you by an expert. Live phone or messenger support. Designed for maximum peace of mind. Details below.

* All plans come with free advice at any time.
Prices are in USD and minimum plan length is 1 Year. Speak to us about any
custom needs or arrangements you might have.

After 10 years of looking through the best hosting services, we’re pretty sure we’ve found the cheapest, most reliable, and easiest arrangement for artists. If you can find a better option, let us know! We take care of all the set up and technical details, and offer a few free months with a super-reliable company, who offer the features artists need, with top-notch security. You can stay with a no-whistles plan, that is cheaper than anywhere else – our Cheapest plan. If you want the best security, you can choose between our Standard plan (do it yourself), or our Premium plan (everything is done by us for you). All of the plans are lightning fast and offer generous storage. In the Cheapest plan you are responsible to keep your website safe, backed up, and running. If you have basic WordPress maintenance skills, we recommend our Standard plan, which automates much of the security. Our Premium plan offers the maximum peace of mind, with experts taking care of all ongoing technical matters for you.  You can read more about each feature (and sign up) below. Or talk with us about the options with us via email. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm Confused! Which Plan Do You Recommend?

The Deluxe is the cheapest way we’ve found to give every artist what they need. However, as we know some artists have price sensitivity (and many have technical knowledge), the other two plans are for those who wish to use their technical knowledge to do what we would have to do, and hence reduce the price.

When in doubt choose the last option, as it is still great value for money. 

What's Included in the Bare Bones Plan?

✓ Enough Resources for Most Artists’ Websites

! No free months trial

! No Free Email Addresses Set Up (eg.

! No Pre-Loading (you might notice a slower site)

! Responsible for your own backups

! Responsible for your own plugin updates (important for security)

! No Free Divi Licence (costs $89 /yr)

! No Free SSL Licence (costs $67 /yr)

! No Proctive Site or Security Monitoring

! No Free Hacking or Client Deletion Fixes (Repairs via Usual Hourly Rate)

! Responsible For Your Own Backups

Hosting Questions Answered via Email

What's Included in the Do It Yourself Plan?

✓ Enough Resources for Most Artists’ Websites

✓ First months free

✓ Free Forwarding Email Address Set Up (eg.

✓ International Pre-Loading (Fast Everywhere)

✓ Automatic Backups

✓ Automatic Plugin Updates (Important Security Feature)

✓ Free Divi Licence (usually $89 /yr)

! No Free SSL Licence (available for $67 /yr)

! No Proactive Site or Security Monitoring

! No Free Hacking or Client Deletion Fixes (Repairs via Usual Hourly Rate)

! Responsible for Your Own Backups and Exports

Hosting Questions Answered via Email

What's Included in The Full Cover Plan?
✓ Enough Resources for Most Artists’ Websites

✓ First months free

✓ Free Forwarding Email Address Set Up (eg.

✓ International Pre-Loading (Fast Everywhere)

✓ Automatic Backups

✓ Automatic Plugin Updates (Important Security Feature)

✓ Free Divi Licence (usually $89 /yr)

✓ Free SSL Licence Setup (usually $67 /yr)

✓ Ongoing and Proactive Site and Security Monitoring by an Expert

✓ Extra Anti-Spam and Security Features Installed

✓ 2Free Hours’ Hacking, Hosting, or Client Deletion Fixes Annually

✓ One Click Desktop Backups and Export

✓ Hosting Support via Phone, Text or Messenger (Your Site is Our Top Priority)

Will I Have Enough Storage and Bandwidth?

Each of our plans has enough storage and bandwidth for 99% of artists, so this should not be a factor in choosing your plan. In ten years we have never had an artist exceed our bandwidth levels. We give you initial file and video guidelines that keep your site running the most quickly and crisply, anyway. 

Very occasionally we see an artist exceeding other artists’ websites by a lot – e.g. it might be 10x-20x a normal artist’s website size. This is usually due to some kind of workflow error, and can be seen in uploading, backup, or restoring website issues.

If this is the case, we will get in contact, and offer some simple tips to reduce your unnecessary file or image sizes. If you need more help, we are available to jump in and optimize your website – or suggest a plan that can better deal with oversized sites.   

Do I Get Unlimited Support?
You can ask any question, and get help and guidance on your hosting, at any time.

If you would like any jobs done for you (problems fixed, plugins updated, scans done, or malware cleaned), you can have that done via our usual hourly rate.

The exception is The Deluxe plan, which has an hour of work included every year, and can be used on any fixes, backups, or technical jobs to do with your domain names, email, or hosting that you require.

What About Email Accounts and Custom Email Addresses?

With our Standard and Premium Plans we will make you as many custom email addresses as you like, eg, or These give you a nice appearance of professionalism, and can be useful to divide off personal emails from more official general enquires. 

In the old days, web hosts used to offer an online email access system.

These are still available, and we can set you up with one if you like. However there is now a better way.

The problem with self hosted email programs include:

• Personal email storage quickly fills up. (It’s not uncommon for artists to collect gigabytes of emails and attachments). This is ongoing storage you eventually have to choose between paying for monthly, or painfully sorting and deleting.

• The self hosted email programs you log into online usually have very dated interfaces – often looking like they were made in the late 1990s.

• Self hosted email programs often lack things that are now considered normal – starred emails, read receipts, inline images, support for large attachments, nice formatting, and intelligent spam filtering 

And the worst one

• Self hosted email programs are very easy for someone to hack. Large companies have teams of people to maintain email security. It’s not usually feasible for artists or part time assistants to stay on top of all the loopholes hackers can find with these systems. For a system that often controls banking, PayPal, and other personal information, it is a large risk.

What we recommend is a free solution, that links custom email addresses to gmail or similar accounts – that can send and receive emails using your own domain name. These offer secure, feature-rich web interfaces, and free storage, that can also be accessed via your phone or desktop mail programs.

Speak to us if you would like more information.  

What About Domain Names?

We can take care of buying, registering and connecting your domain name to your website. 

We recommend artists keep control of their own domain names, to make sure they are always owned by them. We can give you some hints on how to make sure you don’t forget to renew them!

If you lose your domain name to someone else, we can also help you recover it.

What is a "Free Divi Licence"?

Divi is “drag and drop” website software that we have added to most artists’ websites since 2018. If you haven’t heard of it, you don’t have to worry! However, if you wish to upgrade your website in the future, to make it easier to use, it may become useful.

For artists with Divi-enabled websites, you can continue using your website without purchasing a licence, it seems indefinitely. However, a Divi licence will allow it to be updated to the latest version, for easier editing, bug fixes, faster loading, and new functionality. It also protects your website against any newly discovered security vulnerabilities.

What is a "Free SSL Licence"?

Old websites always started out with “http” at the start. You may have noticed your bank starting their website with “https” at the beginning. This means Google, Apple, Firefox and others can check a website has a license, to prove they are really who they say they are. It also better protects any information sent through the website, like passwords, from hackers.

More and more normal websites are switching to “https”. It’s becoming so common, that Google Chrome is starting to warn website viewers if a website is not https. Gradually Google is dropping non-https websites lower in their search results. We can see that https will become required for all websites if they wish to appear in Google, and in certain browsers.

These certificates can be expensive each year – in some cases more expensive than your domain name and hosting combined, and tricky to set up.

At Artist Website we offer them free with our best plans, and set them all up for you.      

How Secure is Each Option?

Any website online will be continually tested by malware (malicious software), looking for ways to break into your website. Usually these hackers aim to replace your code with code that redirects visitors to their advertisement sites. Some codes can be so thorough they delete content, designs, and are close to impossible to remove.

As a result, websites need to be constantly kept up to date, and a good backup plan should be in place, just in case.

Cheapest Plan – We offer a do-it-yourself model, simply because we know many artists just need the cheapest solution. Ours is the same you see advertised all over the internet, only we install your site and offer it at a lower rate. However, we have found that very few artists have the time – or knowledge – to properly keep their security up to date. As such, we no longer recommend this option, but include it for those wishing to renew their service.

Standard Plan – We gave our cheapest plan some simple protections, that make a big difference. Your website is securely separated from other websites (stopping cross-infections). Your plugins are automatically updated, which is (with weak passwords) the most common vulnerability used by most hackers. Full website backups are done automatically (tell us how often). We also offer security tips, like recommending good D.I.Y. security plugins. However, you will still be responsible for running this software and keeping it up to date. There is also no financial insurance included with Standard plans. Instead, you’re simply opting to have any possible problems fixed at our usual hourly rates.

Premium Plan – This is the plan ideally we would hope all artists could afford! We keep up with all the latest security developments, so you don’t have to. We watch your site, and you have priority support, if you ever see a problem before we do. We have systems to minimize any disruptions, and can restore a clean backup of your website quickly, and for free. Basically, we do everything so you don’t have to worry, to focus on your studio. This plan also includes enough free features and expert hours to more than cover its cost.

What Might a Website Recovery Process Look Like?

It depends upon your plan.

For our Cheapest plan (or websites hosted elsewhere), you will have to recover your own website, from theme and content backups you have on your own home computer or storage. We might have kept some versions of your theme somewhere (and in some cases content), but this cannot be guaranteed. In a worst case scenario, we can usually rebuild a website more cheaply if it needs to be redone, as we know your content, style, and may have some versions of your past website on our computers, servers or email. 

For a Standard plan, simply email us to have your website restored, from a backup from the date range we already set with you. Most artists choose a weekly or monthly backup cycle. We restore everything as it was, typically for a small (one hour’s) fee. This includes a full security checkup and password changes. In rare cases – eg. your own security scans weren’t done correctly – we might find dormant malware inside an older backup too. We can remove this like any other service, which can be fast or slow. Please note, we aim to always respond to serious issues first, but we can only guarantee 24 hour, out of office replies, or push longer work ahead of others, for Premium plan members.

For our Premium plan holders, any messages will appear on our phones, kept with us at all times. With a few clicks we can redirect viewers to your gallery or social media, or display an elegant, one-page version of your site. Also fast is having a full backup of your website restored, from our extensive office and cloud-based collection. In most cases we will spot any problems before you do, and simply email you to let you know what was attended to.

What If I Ever Want to Move or Change Plans?

You can change plans at any time – simply send us an email for everything you need to know, including a timeline for improvements, changes, or to add or remove features.

If you wish to move your website to a different host (or just to have a plan in place, should you ever need it), you can always do that yourself, through your dashboard. This method is suitable for anyone with some basic WordPress knowledge (or has someone to help them).

For non technical people, the easiest approach is just to be covered by our Premium plan. This gives you a button to download your website and content with one click, at any time. You also have support hours included, so we can help you along the way, including sending an easy download link directly, if you’d like. You will receive your website and its content in a zip file, that can be run anywhere. We can also provide links to the best hosts and settings, should you need it.

Please note that, subject to local copyright laws and our standard Terms and Conditions, our code, files, and those of other plugins and themes cannot be resold to others, and we cannot guarantee perfect performance and security outside of the updates and support provided through our plans.  



Any Other Questions?


If you have any other questions about hosting, backups, payments, security, or special arrangements for your situation, don’t hesitate to get in touch – via email or the contact page

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