Less is more.

    Getting a Domain Name

    It doesn’t matter if you have a domain name already, or need one. We can organize it to work (when you want it to) on one of our sites. Or we can do everything for you – including purchasing and managing your domain name.

    If you want us to buy one, just email us the name you would like to have for your website, eg. YourName.com. If you need advice which name is best, just give us an email on our contact page.

    Below are some tips if you want to buy, or connect, your domain name yourself.

    Doing it Yourself

    We find Godaddy the best place to get one (cheap, reliable, and really easy to do things over the phone). Only take care! Godaddy will try to convince you to buy everything else under the sun when you go through the checkout (hosting, privacy, certificates, protection, etc etc). Don’t fall for it – all you need is the domain name, which should cost around $10.

    If you want ‘extra protection’, you can register your name for multiple years – three, four or five years into the future. But this is something you can think about later on.

    If YourName.com is taken, other acceptable options include:

    • Your-Name.com, YourName.net, YourName.org, YourName.info.
    • Your home country equivalent – such as YourName.co.uk, YourName.com.au, YourName.de.
    • Just your surname, or your initials, such as JCitizen.com, JRCitizen.com.
    • Other people have used YourNameArtwork.com, YourNameArt.com, YourNameStudio.com, YourNameWorkshop.com, YourNameOnline.com.
    • Others use poetic or work titles – such as OurDayOut.org, StereoPresence.com, HiHowAreYou.com – that suits your practice.

    Good luck, and don’t forget to email us if you have any questions.