Welcome, Charlie!

Image Sizes

Your default image sizes are the same as Lisa Yuskavage – Yuskavage.com – which are the best.

• Default Image Sizes are 1024 pixels across the longest side (around 170 kb)

• Some rare, ‘Full Screen’ Image Sizes are 1920 pixels across the longest side (around 914 kb)


Image Uploading

You don’t need to do anything to resize your images. They will be automatically uploaded to 1024 pixels wide for you, and the old big one deleted. (You can change these numbers here and in the Imsanity plugin settings.)

• If you ever want the images uploaded wider than these default sizes, don’t change them – just ask me to do it.

However – They Might Be Slow or Blurry!

Really big images (above 3 MB) take forever to upload. And if they’re uploaded large you can’t control image compression quality very well (the automatic version makes them look blurry).

So, you should also roughly get them down to around 1MB in size in Photoshop using “Image Size”, if you can. (Or as close to Lisa’s as you want. The Save For Web function is what her studio would use to do this). 

This online tool might also do an OK enough job sometimes, too.



Mobile Menu

You can have your mobile phone menu look however you want.

Just take some time to think about it, and when you’re sure, I’ll research the best way to do it. At the moment it has two very rough options up at the same time, so you can compare.