Here are some guides to fitting your design into our budget rate – easily the cheapest way an artist can get the most professional looking website.

What it should do

  • Similarity! Your site should be very similar to one we have done before.  A sample of our previous websites is available here.

Your site can be a composite of a few of the sites we have done before, requiring a few minimal adjustments.  Some examples of budget instructions might be:

  • “I would like the design that was done for this Artist, but with the thumbnail sizes of that Artist.”
  • “I would like the design for this Artist, but with this particular background color.”
  • “I would like a site combining this Artist and that artist, but with my logo and a cover page.”
  • “One like that Artist has – but with different fonts and text colors.”

Any combination of these are ok. What they have in common is they include things we have done before, so we can work quickly yet keeping the same great finished product.

Too close? Some artists may have requested quite personal, individual sites in the past. If this is the case we will brainstorm ways with you to make your site unique, and still keep you within the budget great price.

A second important factor is good organization, ie. images and texts are well prepared (a simple welcome pack will help you do this). Not too many design changes or additions should usually be expected.

Still with us? Other helpful tips to keep your ideas within the Budget Rate…

  • Steer away from fancy fonts. It’s best and easiest to use a web safe font. All our sites normally do, but if none suit, you can browse more here
  • Link to external shopping carts, or to your email address, is a way to handle sales within this rate
  • You should have a simple menu structure (readers like it when they can reach content from the front page)
  • One large image per page, please (except for thumbnail pages, of course, which can have masses).

Keeping these points in mind we can give you a great looking site for this great price.  A Budget Site also gives you an easy to update dashboard, free hosting for 12 months, a professional logo, a cover page, and more!

Of course, if you start with a Budget Site and find you absolutely have to have that custom built shopping cart, big changes, or anything else added later, we can upgrade your budget site later to something more fancy (charged on our hourly basis).

Can you see your work in a great site that fits the bill? If so, give us an email to get yours now!