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We think artists should be in their studios (not stuck in day jobs)

Particularly considering the current high price of advertising, we find it much better to collaborate with artists.

Your income share is calculated at about a third of what we earn. 

There are two ways artists can work with us:

  • Recommending our services casually, when the subject comes up. (Like they ordinarily might do – only earning some money doing it.) 
  • Treating it like a business – eg. printing signs or cards. Advertising to art schools, studios, art groups, etc. (This might be done to save up for an exhibition, exhibition or trip. Or to achieve a certain income each month.)  

We think that our great prices, services and reputation speak for themselves. We ask that you keep your recommendations as helpful, genuine, targeted, non-spammy, and always nice to receive.

For every person you recommend and gets a website, we pay out:


Other Details

  • Your artist gets VIP treatment just by mentioning your name. This may include free statistics, 12 months hosting, optional custom blog, or other benefits that best suit them. This also helps us track clients to you. (You can also let us know who you recommended).
  • As soon as we are paid for a website, the payment goes to you. 
  • Payout options include cash (when in the same city), PayPal, Transferwise, or paid directly into your bank account.
  • Extra website templates, custom made examples, landing pages, services offered, deals, and personalized promotional assistance (such as email addresses or roles) are available – speak to us.
  • These cash discounts are also available for your own web projects, too.  
  • You can refer artists or galleries to Or personal websites and businesses to All earn the same affiliate fee.

We can send you some more information, ideas and tips. Or we can straight away start looking for enquiries mentioning your name. Simply send us an email to begin.


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