A new way for artists to make money without leaving the studio – the Artist Website referral scheme!

There are two schemes – one worth $50 (per referral), and one worth $100. There are discounts for the friends you refer to, too!

Money earned can go straight into your PayPal account, or can be taken as an Amazon, iTunes, or other online gift card. See which one might be right for you.

$50 Referrals

If you know someone who would like one of our quick, affordable, template websites, this is an easy one to mention. Artists can try a website free for 60 days, and pay just a normal hosting fee.

How It Works

Tell your friend to mention your name when they first email. (In the future trackable discount coupon codes will be available). I’ll make a note of your referral. Your friend will receive extra special treatment (free image and text uploading, free domain connection, free web statistics account, and other goodies).

You will receive $50 for the recommendation. Payments to you are made when they pay their first yearly hosting (some will choose up front, others will do this monthly).

$100 Referrals

If you know someone who would like a custom made website, perhaps to replace an older, less editable website, then we offer $100 cash for any custom website over $1,000!

How It Works

Like the first option, tell your friend to mention your name when we first chat (stay tuned for trackable discount codes). Your friend will receive even more freebies than the above (including free web statistics account, a free google snippet, longer free hosting, and other goodies). You’ll be offering your friend great discounts, and helping with those ‘what do I do about this’ questions all artists have, even if they don’t mention it!

The Philosophy Behind It

Artists have asked about such a scheme, and I’ve tried to think how it might work. It’s true that artists have a solid network of peers with similar needs. A referral scheme would let artists make an income out of this art world (and website research) knowledge – a rare type of work that doesn’t affect studio time! People receiving the recommendation would get real helpful advice and discounts.

For me it would mean working with nice people (coming recommended), and also to focus less on advertising for new people, and more on making good sites.


The highest payout figure in the industry is 50% (Amazon is 6-8%, and 15% is standard), so my figures are based on something above that for the first plan. The $100 plan is the highest I can discount off those sites, and will look for ways to increase it going forward.

I would be happy – ecstatic even – if some artists enjoyed this enough to want to do this more often. Simple fliers at art schools, art supply shops, or classes could bring in many referrals – just make up your own discount word for folks to mention, and let me know.

I hope this sounds useful, and let me know if you have any questions about it. There is no need to sign up for it – just start thinking of who might find this useful, and start referring. And let me know your preferred voucher or PayPal email address to get paid.