About Us


Artist Website began when we were looking for a simple website for our own artwork. It seemed all of the free and cheap options seemed visually tacky (from an art world perspective). The other option – to have a simple website made professionally – cost many thousands of dollars, and was often impossible to update themselves.

We first collected a list of the best artists’ website from around the world. We noticed that most of these followed a similar pattern. It became obvious that the artist’s own work should be the distinguishing feature (with complimenting fonts, colors, and navigation options) built around a basic structure. And artists should be able to change a CV, or add a new image, from anywhere where there was the internet.

As we built our own site, we realized other artists were in a similar position. Many needed a similar solution, for a price that any of them could afford (definitely under the $2,400 we were quoted). Artists could deviate and build on that basic package to some extent, but everyone should be able to find the professional looking site that they needed. Hosting also could also be much cheaper than was available alone, if the cost was divided up between many artists.

As we made one site, others expressed an interest. Soon we began making similar websites for artists around the world. Each artist’s feedback went towards adjusting the basic templates and image handling to better suit artists’ needs.

To keep each site unique and flexible, we are continually adding to our list of options. We only take on one artist per month – to offer existing artists support, and to give new artists the attention they need to get the perfect website they are after.

Take a look at our options, current sales price, and drop us an email to chat about what you might like in your site!

Usual Site Building Process

1. An artist contacts us, ideally with one or two favorite websites they have seen elsewhere, and their favorite previous Artist Website sites they like (it may just be a font, image size, or look they like in someone else’s site).

2. We talk about the various sections and functions the artist would like to have. We work out how to achieve the ideal looking site, in an easy to update format, within our standard site budget. (We can also let you know any other technical questions you might have.)

3. Artist pays a small deposit (under 20% via Paypal) to secure a spot in our schedule, and sends images and text. Artist receives an info guide and sends images and text to match.

4. Once all the design details are discussed, the site is usually finished within two weeks. Once happy, site is paid for and passwords and links to tutorials are sent to the artist, to ‘have at it’ as they like.

5. The artist enjoys their site! Note, the person who built your site is at hand whilst you get used to using your site yourself, and available at a low rate if you want anything changed at a later date.

Drop me an email if you have any more questions. I’m still offering a free 30 day trial for the inexpensive sites, and occasionally have specials where I upload artist’s work, just like I would for $2,000 clients. Pick a theme to get started, and jump right in.

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