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Simple Websites

Suitable for the world’s leading art contexts.

All our websites are easy for artists to maintain themselves. 

$449 / €399

Advanced Sites

We help leading artists curate, plan and design their online presence. 

Gallery, museum and sales assistance at the highest level.

$1,119 / €999   

Which to Choose?

Our simple sites are perfect for 99% of professional artists.

(You can upgrade at any time.) 

Both include optional free hosting, plus any technical help required.

Invested in Artists’ Success

An easy website is just the beginning. 

We want our artists to spend as much time as possible in the studio, and to reach their highest career goals. 

We share with our artists the most successful tips and approaches used by others to achieve this, including sales, exhibitions and gallery representation.

Case Studies

Less is More

The best artist’s websites have common features. A focus on the artwork. Typography and navigation kept clear for viewers.

We rotate three featured sites from the hundreds of artists we’ve helped. Email us to see more specific examples in the color, menu arrangement, or style you prefer.

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Connecting the Threads

Artist Mathieu Gallois has an established artistic practice that has seen his work explore diverse fields: including museum shows, activism, and architecture.

We worked closely with Mathieu to reveal just enough information to present this range, whilst allowing the viewer time to focus.

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A Blend of the Two

Artist Rix Jennings wanted a simple website to show his paintings and drawings.

Once the website was built, the artist realized his process was integral to his work. The solution was a smart side menu that switched between seamless blog entries or his main portfolio. Voilà!

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Everything Made Easy

Whatever your budget or situation. After over 200 websites we know the best way for artists to get from A to B.

Everything from hosting, email, transfers, image sizes and strategies. We’re always happy to compare options and share what we know. 

Images should be drag and drop. Text should be editable with a double click. Mobile phone or the widest screens…viewers should see your practice at its best.

We work with artists all around the globe. If you would like to talk about your situation and how we can help, use any of the means below, or drop us a line using the form to the right.


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